January Insurgents’ March January Insurgents’ March

The route of the January Insurgents’ March connects the burial sites of the heroes who were killed fighting for Poland’s independence. It starts in the church of St Bartholomew in Staszów, where four insurgents killed in the Battle of Staszów of 7 February 1863, and three more who died in the autumn of the same year are buried. The next stop is the Legions Park, located near the battlefield and the monument of the Polish Soldier. The route then goes through the “Reservoir at the Czarna” park, along the canal by the Third Sluice, to Zagrody and Kurozwęki, where another grave is located of the insurgents who were burned alive in the sheep house. The January Insurgents’ March will then take you to the church of St Roch (another grave of the insurgents) and the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of St Augustine where you can see a plaque on the wall commemorating the insurgents who died of wounds in the local hospital. The route length is around 8 km, but you can also include a visit to the nearby palace complex in Kurozwęki.

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